Sunflower seeds

January 29, 2009


 “Sunflower Seeds in the bud” © 2008 Jill Rosoff.  5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″  $95.00

My sister Jenny grew a small forest of sunflowers last year.  They were literally as tall the roof of her house (one-story), towering above me when I photographed them in her planter in the back yard.  They were amazing.   The centers of the flowers were a good 10″ across–I thought they could have won a ‘biggest blossom’ contest at the local fair.   When she harvested them it was the centers that really amazed me, how the seeds had matured in the bud.  Jenny gave me one of the buds, and voila, this painting.  Each seed had different striping, it’s own striping, like a fingerprint, the zebra stripes of the plant world.  It makes for a great pattern, don’t you think?

Seeing them soldiered together, not in a bag from the market, just the ends visible was a whole new thing, very evocative of the graphics of Asian theater  and puppet masks.   There’s a wonderful movie from China called “The King of Masks” that these made me think of.  Rent it if you haven’t seen it.  Its a wonderful story, and the mask ‘performances’ are stunning.


3 Responses to “Sunflower seeds”

  1. Dianne Says:

    Very nice! I came here through watercolorblog.wordpress. Love your reflection on the sunflower seeds – very fresh and inviting

  2. Sister Jenny Says:

    This looks SO COOL!!!

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