Chromatic cups

September 29, 2009

chromatic cups small version

“Chromatic Cups”, ©Jill Rosoff 2009, 6″ x 10 1/4″, $195.00, framed

This set of four espresso cups has appeared in many of my Coffee Cup series of paintings.  I found them years ago in San Francisco, I think, when I lived in Berkeley.  The colors caught my eye and I was smitten, which happens to me so often.  I thought I’d use them for  espresso, but they have modeled more often for paintings.  I like my espresso a’ latte!

I’m often in a place in one of these paintings where I want to show a difference between a shadow that is cast which is the result of bright light being blocked, and the shade on the side of an object that faces away from the light source.  Its a test to convincingly illustrate the differences–one is a surface in shade, the other is the blocking of light by an object on a surface.  Where is a shadow that is cast versus where is the lack of direct light.

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