Drank the whole thing

November 12, 2009

finished with my coffee2

“Finished with My Coffee”, © Jill Rosoff 2009, 5 1/5″ x 8 1/2″, $75.00

The empty cup stares back at me after I finish my morning coffee.  >sigh!<

With this painting I had to decide whether to paint it with coffee in the cup.  Up until this piece I had yet to do one of an empty cup, and I’d just finished my morning cup o’ joe, so I went with that moment, you know, when you long for just one more sip.  Thinking about it I found that I was looking at the shadows falling in the empty bowl of the cup, especially as they added an unexpected swirl in the composition, a happy happenstance.  The pastel colors of the coffee cup popped when I contrasted them with the yellow with red striping of the table cloth.


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  1. Mo Says:

    Hey, just had the same thing happen, but of course without the inspiration to paint! Love the blog!

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