November 24, 2009

“Narcissus, single stem”, ©Jill Rosoff 2007, 12″ x 4″ $125.00

I love it when bulb season starts.  I bought my first pot of paperwhite narcissus (of many, knowing me) at Trader Joe’s the day before yesterday.  Since I first grew tulips from bulbs I’ve loved bulb flowers–narcissus, daffodils and tulips mostly.  And they don’t grow easily in Southern California, they need cold weather, so I have abandoned trying to grow them here, I just buy them.  When I lived in the house with a garden in Berkeley I grew tulips for a couple of years (see my August 15, 2008 entry).  I did a lot of my early watercolor explorations from that garden.

The paperwhites are particularly interesting to paint, because its a white blossom. In watercolor, the white area is left alone, there’s no color on it, its just the white paper.  Its an exercise of negative space.  I want to articulate the delicate and sensuous shapes and curves of each petal and flower, while maintaining its white-ness.  So its an exercise, of which color to use for rendering those lovely shapes, and how delicately I can apply it.

This piece is a little larger than my small works, but I decided to add it to the blog today to celebrate that the holiday season is starting.  And that there are new ‘models’ available again!

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