New poppy painting, part 2

August 26, 2010

European poppies, 2nd view of progress, ©Jill Rosoff 2010

Same painting as in the previous post, with more development.  This one is going a little differently than my typical method of development.  On this one I have already painted in the black center on the one poppy before placing the rest of the blossoms into the composition.  I realized I was so interested in how the black center was going to look on the red poppy I couldn’t wait to paint it in.  It was fun, but it also threw the balance of the piece out of whack.  I usually like to have the whole composition blocked in before I go on with the development and include such specific details.  And I also know that sometimes a painting will lead me in different ways.

Anyhoo, I have filled in the petals on the blossom at the upper left, added another full blossom, and I’ve grown some more buds into the composition.  We’ll see where it goes!

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