Currently on the drawing board

September 9, 2010

These are the pieces that are currently on my drafting table, the place where I paint.  I have been distracted with a bothersome tooth, which cut down on my productivity these past few days.  Over for now, thank goodness!

So I’m showing my work in progress, since I don’t have a finished piece to show this time.  You can see the one of poppies that I’ve been posting most recently, and four others: one of a Balinese rice paddy landscape, one of sweet peas, some pale pink tulips, and orange Iceland poppies. Its typical for me to have more than one piece going at a time, I work on one while the other pieces dry.  It can be a little discombobulating at times, keeping progress on each one simultaneously.  It also suits me to work this way, since watching paint dry makes me nuts.   You can see where the paper is curled on a couple of them, I will flatten them out before I continue, wetting down the backs of the paintings, then weighing them down with the two round blobs on the left there, my bean bag weights.  And my three paint palettes are in the upper right corner.

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