Orchid Cactus

September 30, 2010

Sketch, orchid cactus, ©Jill Rosoff, 2008, 1o” x 8″

A client of mine grows these amazing orchid cactus plants. When I first saw them growing in scads of pots all over her back garden, I thought there were christmas cacti on steriods. The blossoms are huge explosions of color, ranging from pink to magenta and red, on long, dark green, leaf-like stems.  The flowers are the size of large grapefruit or small melons, and come in one or two colors of petals.  The color fades in intensity as it reaches the edge of each petal.  The petals are actually quite delicate, but from afar they look like little fireworks of color.

This is one of the preparatory sketches I made for the final commissioned piece.  When I finished the final painting, which she of course framed and hung in a lovely spot in her home, we also made notecards of the painting which she uses for thank yous, follow-up notes to clients, whatever she wants to use them for.  They are a unique way for her to communicate, no one else has the image, and these orchid cactus plants are meaningful to her.  And yes,the notecards are sent via the post office.  It’s old school, but don’t you still love getting letters and notes in the mail?  It’s a treat, a nice, personal touch.

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