Poppy fields

October 9, 2010

“Field of Poppies” ©Jill Rosoff 2010. 12″ x 6″, $225.00, framed

A family friend sent me a photo of a poppy field with a note that said she it made her think of my paintings.  Such a sweet gift!  It occurred to me as I looked at it how I often focus on a bouquet or a small group of flowers, almost a portrait of the flowers.  This composition, though, is the whole field of flowers.  The focus is at the level of the poppy blossoms. In the foreground you see more of the world in between each blossom: the the leaves, stems and buds and the ground.  Then as they recede further and further away, the poppy blossoms close in, more and more close together, so at the horizon line almost all you see are the flowers, and not so much of the undergrowth.  Its a natural and a lovely progression.

Actually, Caroline, who sent me the photo that spurred all of this, was also one of the two winners of the free set of notecards early this past summer! Grande merci, Caro!


3 Responses to “Poppy fields”

  1. Kimberley Hawthorne Says:

    Gorgeous! So far, this might be my favorite – I played and ran through fields of poppies as a child in England!

  2. Caroline Leygue Says:

    Awesome! I fell a little like I’m a star..
    LOVE the painting!

    Signed:your muse, Caroline

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