October 19, 2010

“Purple Pansies”, ©Jill Rosoff 2010, 6″ x 11 3/4″, framed, $185.00

I picked up a pansy plant last spring as a subject for the budding (pun coincidental) artists that are in my watercolor workshops.  I forgot to take it with me, so there it was waiting for me on my painting table when I got home.  I started a painting of it back then, blocking in the flowers before they bloomed and faded.  And then the painting got buried under other paintings I was working on.

Last week I unearthed the painting and started working on it once more.  Since I’d only blocked in the flowers, it was interesting to see where the painting would go since the ‘model’ had long since been planted in my garden.  The blossoms had been elucidated in a wet-on-wet technique.  I set them onto a patterned background done in drybrush.  An interesting juxtaposition, yes?

3 Responses to “Pansies”

  1. gerald Says:

    Jill, these are wonderful, very delicate in feel and your palette of color is perfect.

  2. Connie Glover Says:

    Jill, this is a beautiful piece. The pansies look so delicate- almost transparent!

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