A nectarine and tomatillos

November 9, 2010

“Nectarine and Tomatillos” ©Jill Rosoff 2010, 6″ x 11 3/4″,  SOLD

It sometimes just great just to paint a still life of what’s sitting in front of me.   This was an interesting juxtaposition (a favorite word of mine), a big, juicy nectarine, all orangey-purple with velvety skin, and a slice of another one, against the green, heart-shaped tomatillos with their papery jackets and smooth green skin.

I’d gotten these to take in for my watercolor workshop students to use for models, so when I brought them home they became mine.  The interesting thing was the surfaces, both ow which I did in wet-in-wet technique.  The nectarine was all one shape, and the tomatillo jackets were better described showing their sections. From there it was a matter of simply enjoying the process of  the colors mixing in the wet on wet technique, and as what happens in watercolors, waiting to see what you end up with.

4 Responses to “A nectarine and tomatillos”

  1. gerald Says:

    Really love the freedom and air that I feels in your work. There’s also a clear crispness to them that makes your work very inviting.

  2. Sooz Says:

    really nice Jillz!!! xo

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