New Crop of Tulips

March 25, 2011

“Single Orange Tulip”  ©Jill Rosoff 2011, 4″ x 6″  $40.00

I like the idea of a “portrait” of a flower.  This series came about because of a couple of influences: one, I love tulips, if you hadn’t gotten that yet, and they’re in season. The other is that years ago I bought this little pad of watercolor paper that’s postcard sized.    I thought at one point how fun it would be to paint a quick sketch of something while on vacation, and mail it off as a postcard.  I’ve done a few little pieces over the years, but never mailed them. There are actually markings on the back of each piece of paper for where to put the stamp.  That pad has been in my supply rack for years, so I decided to use the pad up, by painting one flower bud on each one.  The pink tulip last month was the first.  There are two more to come, then the pad is kaput.  Got to break out some new paper, my freesias are blooming.

4 Responses to “New Crop of Tulips”

  1. Isabelle Demonty Says:

    Dear Jill,
    I am a fan since many years. I discovered your art in 1990 when my grandmother gave me a calendar illustrated with your watercolors from Landmarks Calendars. I loved everything, especially the intalian windows. I got also a long time ago a framed reproduction of a watercolor in a store in Canada, which I am almost certain is one of your pieces (the signature may have been hidden by the passe-partout); it represents a pink chair with green shades and a field of vines; soft and lighty colors as you use, and so much your stile that it must be yours. I love the orange tulip, the trasparancy you give to the petals. I just bought some orange tulips last week here in the Netherlands where I live and was glad to find one in your blog. I just started a blog myself and used the same template as yours (apologies, but it looks so fresh and clean I could not resist!). I am not a full time artist, but will post from time to time some of my artwork. You’re welcome to have a look at Best regards, Isabelle.

    • jillpaints Says:

      Dear Isabelle,

      Thank you so much for writing! It was so lovely to read your note this morning! I thank your grandmother too! I did four calendars with Landmark, from 1990 to 1993. The painting you describe does sound like one of mine, of the chair on the porch overlooking the vineyard, from up in Napa Valley.

      And you are in the land of tulips! And you are an artist too! Best wishes for your blog!

  2. jillpaints Says:

    Thanks Laara! I hadn’t seen the ‘figure’ in it until you just pointed it out!

  3. I just love your “portrait” of the tulip! Looks like two little arms and a face! I use the postcards too and they are great! LOL

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