Watercolor Workshops!

April 14, 2011

Detail, From Jen’s Garden, ©Jill Rosoff 2009

The Watercolor Workshops are held on alternate Saturday mornings, from 1o am to 1 pm.  All you need to bring is your passion and desire to learn.  

Here’s a recommendation a student recently sent to me:

I would like to relate my experience in attending Jill Rosoff’s Watercolor Workshops.  I would like to believe I am an intermediate watercolor artist and have had some modest success in awards and selling my work.  I took Jill’s workshop after viewing one of her plein air exhibits and upon meeting her felt she could offer me her professional talents and teaching skills to further my hope of improvement.  Jill has indeed bolstered that in many ways.  Jill has a commanding presence to bring out the art that’s within you – if it’s there Jill will find it and you will be forever grateful for the experience.”

Harry C.
Del Mar, California

For more information about the Workshops, click on “Watercolor Workshops” under Pages over in the right-hand column.


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  1. Brad Smith Says:

    LOVE the new website and everything! It looks great Jill!

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