Featured Artist! for May & June, on Watercolorpainting.com

May 11, 2011

Screenshot of Watercolorpainting.com featuring my work!  

Thank you to www.Watercolorpainting.com for selecting me as one of their six featured artists for May and June!  It’s really wonderful to be included!  This is a screen shot I took of their home page.   My watercolor “Icelands” is showing in the “On the Net:  Artist Showcase” window, which is a slide show of paintings by the six artists they are showcasing.  You can see these six featured painters on Page 2 of the site.  

Thanks so much to Greg Conley and Watercolorpainting.com!  And you can see the painting really well in the Tapestri Collection on my website:  RosoffArtworks.

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