Turning something on it’s side

May 26, 2011

“Orange Poppies on swirls” ©Jill Rosoff 2011, 4″ x 12″, sold

I’m exploring the theme some more.  I like this long, short format, it gives me a whole different set of decisions to make.  Until recently I’d done the poppies on formats that were taller than they were wide.  Their long, narrow stems seem too fragile to hold up the bulbous bulb, let alone the flower when it’s in full bloom,  reaching so far to the sides.  I marveled at the proportion, and so wanted to honor those stems.  I had some 12″ x 4″ wide paper that was perfect for it.  And I’ve done many, many pieces on that vertical format, they are like portraits of long, statuesque figures.  

But for this one, I literally turned the paper on it’s side.  The composition is now about the arrangement of the blossoms, rather than how they grow on the leggy stems.  Its a fun challenge!

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