Lovely Interim

June 3, 2011

Facades along a street in Firenze, May 2011

I’ve been on vacation the last three weeks, an amazing trip.  I was traveling with my irrepressible, constantly curious mom, enjoying a cruise, with bookends in Barcelona and Rome.  The cruise embarked from one of my new favorite cities, Barcelona (audible sigh) and then strung along the Mediterranean coastline of Spain, France and the west coast of Italy, and then five days in Rome.  It was my first visit to Spain ever, not the last, and Barcelona is enchanting. Some of the cities I’d been to before  over 20 years ago, including this one way-too-short day in Firenze, one of my favorite cities in the world.  It was like re-meeting old friends, in a way, you know that you’ve been there, but its been so long it all looks so fresh and new.

Michelangelo’s “David”, replica in it’s original position in front of the Palazzo Signoria, Firenze, May 2011

Firenze was crammed full of tourists this day, and it was about 90°, and about 80% humidity.  We were  on a day trip from our cruise, as were people from 5 other ships, of which ours was the smallest.  I think I’d estimate that there were a good 8,000 cruise day-trippers there that day, it was insane.  S

Gelateria, Firenze, May 2011.  I love how the cones echo the shapes of the lighting fixture!

I took over 2,00o photos.  I want to finish the paintings I have going already, before I get to start some new pieces based on those photos, which I will be loading up here eventually.  Lots to look forward to!  In the meantime, these are a few shots of Firenze to whet your appetites, as they are whetting mine!

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