Three Poppy Pods, and you get to help me….

June 24, 2011

“Three Poppy Pods” ©Jill Rosoff 2011

This painting came about during a demonstration I did in one of my workshops.  I have a bouquet of dried poppy pods that I got when the pods were still green, from my sister Jenny’s garden, where they grow each spring  I take the bouquet to my Watercolor Workshops now and then if someone needs a subject to paint.  This demonstration was about getting the shape of an object onto the paper without overworking it.  And then about using paints that have a sedimentary quality to them for the shadows, how the texture of the sediment brings a whole new quality to the painting.  

At the end of the workshop I had the three pods on the paper, nothing in the background.  So I brought them back to the studio, and layered in the background, one layer of magenta, another of more sedimentary colors, primarily terre verte, with a little cobalt green and some turquoise in for flavor.  It was just a little dull with just those two layers, so I added one more thin layer of magenta with a little quinacidrone pink thrown in.  And voila.  

So, the question I have now is whether to leave it like this, or add my fan/wave pattern to the background?  Don’t know.  Hmmm.  What do you think?


6 Responses to “Three Poppy Pods, and you get to help me….”

  1. Fay Terry Says:

    I would really like to see you put in the fan/wave pattern because I think it would really enhance, rather than detract from the pods.

    How about if you cut out a piece of watercolor paper the shape of the background, so that the pods show up. Then do the more textural background separately on that paper and when finished hold it on top of the pods to see if you like it. Or, you could put clear plastic ( like a page protector) over the painting and draw the pattern on the plastic with a very fine point permanent marker.
    Good Luck! That’s my two cents worth!

    • jillpaints Says:

      Dear Fay,

      Thank you so much for your comment, and for your suggestion. I have thought of doing that with other works before! I’m getting fairly even response so far, so I may just have to leave this one as is and do another piece. I’ve done these pods before, and so far have liked leaving their stark, lovely shapes without decor. Its great hearing back everyone’s comments, to see what people think.

      I checked out your website, you do lovely work too! I wondered how you found my site? And thanks for doing so!
      Jill Rosoff


    i like the simplicity, the “architecture” of the spherical yet imperfect pods, the stems and nodules on each stem…and to add more textural background would take away from the structural vegetative form.

  3. Laura Tipper Says:

    I love the simplicity of it now so I vote to leave it as is! 🙂

  4. jillpaints Says:

    Hi Laara,
    Thanks for your great comment. I agree with you, and I think it could go either way! Its a fun conundrum!

  5. The composition is great and this could easily be considered finished, however that being said I believe the most important thing is whether or not you are happy with the artwork as it is! I trust your creative process to guide you!

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