New Scarves

July 15, 2011

Cocktail” Scarf pattern, in blues, greens and purples. ©Jill Rosoff 2011. On crepe de chine, 15″ x 72″

I’ve been having a little fun.   New designs keep popping out each time I paint the scarves.  I’ve been noticing some characteristics.    This scarf is on crepe de chine, and designs are brighter on it since the weave is more opaque than chiffon or habotai.  The crepe has a lovely subtle texture to it, and a bit of weight so it drapes so nicely!


Wild Flowers” Scarf pattern, in delicate blues, greens and purples. ©Jill Rosoff 2011. On habotai, 22″ x 72″

A very cheerful design, the colors are even more subtle in this scarf on habotai silk.    Habotai means “soft as down” in Japanese, an almost onomatopoeic description of how this silk feels.  It floats around your neck, as if it will never quite settle down, and it feels light as a cloud.  The soft colors mirror the delicate texture of this gossamer silk weave, so much so that when it folds over on itself you can see the designs through the layers of fabric.

Wild Flowers” Scarf pattern, in bright chromatic colors. ©Jill Rosoff 2011. On habotai, 22″ x 72″

This scarf was painted right after the one above it.   Along with the delicateness of the weave, habotai  also has a wonderful lustre to the finish, which adds to the luxury of the scarf.   I wanted to see if I could get a greater intensity of colors on the habotai silk.  So I intensified the colors of the dyes I used, to match the lustre’s richness.    

Look for a new page about the scarves soon, here on my blog.   You will be able to purchase them soon from my Etsy store RosoffArtworks.

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