Delicate Fuschias

August 16, 2011

“First Fuschias” ©Jill Rosoff 2011,  5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″,  $75.00

On a recent sojourn to San Diego I stopped at a couple of nurseries to take a look at what is being grown lately.  Northern San Diego County is large flower growing region, with nurseries that specialize in various flowers: hibiscus farms, begonia farms, orchid greenhouses and more.  Its all very tempting, and of course very inspiring for me.  Oh how I wish I had a larger garden!  On this trip I stopped in at a begonia nursery where I also found some amazing fuschia plants.  They always look like little ballerinas on pointe to me.  So I’ve been painting fuschias, again.  I haven’t painted them in years!  

This is the first painting of this series, a simple study of them without any specific environment. It was specifically a study to learn about them, how I want to paint them.  I am working on more now!

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  1. Absolutely stunning! They were one of my Mom’s favorite flowers-brings back nice memories…

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