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September 16, 2011



“Fuschias on cerulean blue”, ©Jill Rosoff 2o11, 8 1/2″ x 8 1/2″, $ 115.oo

I have a few paintings of the fuschias on my drawing board these days.  This’s the one I completed just the other day.  A fun concept about fuschias, for me when I paint them, is that these lovely, delicate ballerinas hang down from the plant.   This makes for a completely upside-down composition, usually the plants grow up from the ground.  Its part of what draws me to them, I’m sure.  And then, thinking about the composition, what do they hang down over?  Rather than a background in a garden landscape,its often empty space, something more atmospheric.    

So the challenge is to come up with what will be the thing that describes that space.  This painting is an experiment in using my lined texture, to an interesting effect.  The blue is airier than colors I’d use if I was painting ground, like a pattern of the air and sky.  Hmm.  This is painted on a lovely piece of hand-made Khadi watercolor paper, you can see the natural, or deckled, edge of the paper.  

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  1. Sooz Says:

    oh man – beautimous maximous – so breezy feeling!!!!!

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