Poppies on scarves

December 1, 2011

I’ve been in production lately, making scarves, holiday cards, and a couple of open houses, and I haven’t been posting regularly here.  Sacre bleu!

I’m painting poppies on the scarves now.  This one was the first one, and I’m doing more, in lighter oranges, yellow, pink and I want to do a periwinkle blue one.  This is chiffon, 15″ x 72″, they’re pretty fun on crepe de chine, and I’ve just done an 8″ x 60″ one on habotai silk, which has deep orange, light orange and yellow ones.  I’ll get them posted soon, not to worry!  It looks pretty good on my full-size articulated figure its on.  I need to name him…suggestions?

All my scarves are available through my Etsy Shop.  If you see one you like but want it in other colors, you can use the CONTACT button below this post, or convo me on Etsy.  I can take Christmas order up to about the 16th.

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  1. Glad to hear your voice and see your images again! The scarf is beautiful.

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