Cherry Blossoms, the very first.

March 26, 2012

“Cherry Blossoms”, ©Jill Rosoff 2012, 9″ x 11 1/2″

Years ago I got the chance to go to Washington D.C. in the spring.  My main reason for going was to see a retrospective of Winslow Homer paintings, as I recall.  After immersing myself in Homer’s work, I also went to  see shows at the National Gallery of Art (the newer I. M. Pei designed wing), the Corcoran, and the Phillips Collection, all on my list of favorite places in D.C.  

Coincidentally it was also a couple of weeks before the cherry blossom trees went into their annual bloom around the Tidal Basin.  So of course I went, and saw it just at the beginning of the bloom.  And although I was early, and didn’t see the full explosion of flowering, it was pretty fun, especially because the branches could still be seen, they weren’t hidden for all the cherry blossoms.  And they make a nice leggy counterpoint to all that pink.  I’d all but forgotten about it, in the midst of other things I’ve been concentrating on.  Spring is a flower-palooza for me, I’m overwhelmed with ideas for paintings this time of year with all the spring flowers blooming.  (There’s three other paintings in production on my painting table.)

A few months ago I got an inquiry as to whether I’d ever done cherry blossoms in watercolors.  Up to that moment, I’d never done one at all.  I have to say I’d rarely thought about doing a painting of them, partly because there aren’t a whole lot of  fruit trees, let alone cherry trees, in bloom nearby.  But that phone call got me going, thinking about what a painting of them would be, and remembering seeing them in D.C.  So here you go, my first attempt at cherry blossoms, ever.


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  2. This is really beautiful Jill. I love the depth created by the branches in the background. Lovely!

  3. […] Cherry Blossoms, the very first. ( […]

    • Thanks for your ping-back, I loved your posting on the cherry blossoms in DC. You reminded me that the word for cherry blossom in Japanese is sakura. The song zinged into my head the moment I read that.

  4. Paula B. Says:

    Blossoms have been something I’ve looked forward to every spring, as it transforms the central valley of CA into clouds of snow petal drifts. You did them justice in your first ever w/c!
    🙂 Paula

    • Thanks soooo much Paula! I used to buy cherries to nosh on as I went through the Valley on the way up to Yosemite! so by that time of year, I never saw the trees in bloom! That would have been so good to see!

  5. Sooz Says:

    VERY cool!!!

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