Making good on the New Years resolution

January 11, 2013

Lavender poppies on red patterns“Lavender Poppies on red patterns” ©Jill Rosoff 2012, 10″ x 7″

I started this piece in the fall, as a demonstration piece once again in one of my workshops.  This piece actually started me on the intention of loosening up on color ‘rules’ I have consciously and unconsciously obeyed.  Since I often use a subject I know when I’m playing around with ideas, and I have been painting Iceland poppies forever, so shape, color and composition are like second nature to me,  I find it really easy to go for changes and experimentation with them as my subject.  

There is no such thing as a lavender Iceland poppy.  Yellow, orange, reds, pink, and white yes, but nothing in the blue spectrum.  And I’ve always wanted them.  So ‘tada!’ I made them.  In the grand scheme of things its really not much of a huge plunge, but then again, baby steps are just fine to start out on new paths.  I also broke another covenant I heard early on in my painting education, that paintings with red backgrounds can be difficult to make work, let alone sell.  Thank goodness Henri Matisse didn’t believe that!  There are essentially four different reds used in the background, but with layers and some mixing, it looks like more.  I am really enjoying how this piece turned out.  You?

This piece is now available through my Etsy shop.


11 Responses to “Making good on the New Years resolution”

  1. violetski Says:

    So beautiful !
    Thank you for stopping my blog. You have a great, beautiful works. Looking forward to see more your works😃

  2. Monica Says:

    So lovely! I wish I could do that! I really do.

  3. Love the intensity of the colors, Jill – yum!

  4. Will you be selling prints of this painting on Etsy?

  5. I love everything about this painting, the composition, the background pattern of leaves, the swirly texture in the soil, the blue poppies, and the pinkish-red background. What four colors did you use?

    • Wow, thank you for your comment! I used five, now that you ask, both warm and cool reds: Cadmium Orange, Viridian, Bright Red, Rose Quinacridone and Magenta, all Winsor Newton colors. I started with the orange as the all-over background color to contrast against the violet, and the other four colors I used both straight and mixed in palette to create the tonal differences.

  6. Susan Says:

    Okay, this is stunning! I love the pattern in the background….and those warm beautiful reds with the lavender…. Perfect!

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