I heart you

January 18, 2013

Valentine 1“Valentine 1″ ©Jill Rosoff 2013, 6″ x 6”

Valentine’s Day is that day when if you’re in love you hope to goodness that you figure out something great to do for your partner, or your partner does something lovely for you.   If you are single, the commercials for jewelry, flower deliveries and certain card companies are annoying reminders that you’re not contributing to the economy like everyone else is.  

For me this year, I have decided to make Valentine’s Day about exploring layering and the wonderful transparent characteristic that watercolors have.  OK, yes, you can get them with acrylics too, but watercolors’ textures, I think, are much more lively.  And watercolors came first (so there! I say in my best Edith Ann voice).  This was another experiment I did for my workshops, where we took the oh-so recognizable image of the heart, and layered on colors, holding onto the transparency, and enjoying the new colors created as one layer overlapped another.  Not to mention the great textures in the blooms!

This along with a few new paintings just in time for Valentines Day can be purchased in my Etsy Store.


9 Responses to “I heart you”

  1. Elise Says:

    Everything about your painting is wonderful. The colours make me feel so happy. I smiled the moment I saw it!

  2. Pat Says:

    So pretty!

  3. Reblogged this on Afternoon Artist and commented:
    I love the simplicity of this painting by Jill Rosoff and the transparency of watercolors that allows the underlying colors to show through. This would make a great art project for my sister’s kindergarden class to teach them about color theory. Hint, hint sissy. If you haven’t duscovered Jill’s blog yet, it’s a must see.

  4. Reblogging this to pass on the idea to my sis.

  5. Love your work, Jill. This would. Make a great project for my sister’s kindergarden class to teach them about color theory. You rock!

  6. melanie mcfarland Says:

    looks like fabric to me!!

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