Spending the Day Showing Art on Balboa Island

June 4, 2013

booth4-fulllengthMy setup at the Balboa Island Art Walk 2013 under my apple green umbrellas

Two weeks ago, for my fifth time, I was one of the artists selected to show my work at the annual Balboa Island Art Walk.  This is an annual show in its 19th year.  I’d say it was five years in a row, it’s actually six, I skipped one because I was traveling in Europe (whee!) two years ago–I decided that year to forgo it for Barcelona.  

This show is one of my favorites I’ve ever done.   The set-up is lovely for people to easily view the art and artisan craftwork that is shown there, along the bayfront walkway.  And the view over Newport Harbor is pretty great, too.  And the audience is for the most part interested in buying, and can easily see the work as they walk by–the bayfront walk is a a very wide sidewalk, and the artists’ display spaces are just 3′ deep, and 20′ long, so people can amble by and not have to commit to walking into a 10′ x 10′ space, as most other outdoor art shows are set up.  So it’s easy to interact with people.  And for me, lots of fun.  This year was just the same, people got up close to the artwork, and got to really enjoy it.  There’s not much better comment when someone walks by, stops and then says to me, “You’re the artist?  You’re work is wonderful.  It makes me feel so happy”.

booth 2sm

My scarves are a fun new addition to the display.  As people walked by they would look at the paintings, and then the women would suddenly notice the scarves, feel the silk, and try them on.  


One husband watched his wife as she started looking through the scarves, oohing and aahing.  If I’d only taken a video!  He sat down, and his smile slowly grew.  And then he said, “Pick the one you love best, honey”.  A man after my own heart!  She was delighted.  She ended up getting one of the purple background scarves–you can see it in the photo above, just left of the center of the scarves.  

Another woman was so happy with her scarf, she simply put it on, and I loved how it looked so much I asked her if I could photograph her.  

balboa happy clientSM

My favorite moment of the day, though, was a woman who walked up and started looking through the scarves while her husband leaned on the wall across the way.  She found a scarf design of red five-legged ‘stars’ with blue centers.  I had another one in sap green I pulled out to show her.  And then she told me she’d bought one of my scarves the year before.  Which one I asked?  One like the red stars, but in blue.  

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABlue “Star Flowers” pattern, periwinkle with green center

Now, this was my all-time favorite sale from the year before.  This woman walked up to my display, pointed at the blue star scarf, and said “I want that one”.  Boom.  Done.  She just simply wanted it.  Its an amazing feeling having someone do that about something you’ve made.  So when she said that was the one she’d bought, I was thrilled.  She ended up buying the sap green one, and one in my dragonfly design too.  It made my day!  And by the way, I take orders!  (Please know that when you use this form, all your information remains confidential! )



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