Georgia Always Inspires

June 9, 2016

I came across this posting about a monograph of Georgia O’Keefe’s watercolors, in anticipation of a show of her work at the Tate in London.  Oh! to be able to see it in London!  This painting isn’t in this monograph.  But it’s a favorite of mine by her, and in the same vein of her works.  


“Pink and Green Mountains #1”, 1917, Georgia O’Keefe

What I find really compelling about these paintings, both as a painter and as a teacher, is that they are so gestural.  See how the brushstrokes are simple and straight-forward strokes.  Gestures.  Not a lot of fussing, very minimally worked.  Confident in the application of the paint. I rarely do figures in watercolor, and looking at the figure works in this make me wonder why.  

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