Ask and ye shall…

August 8, 2017

Be inspired.  I’ve been falling in love with figs for the past year or so.  I mean, I’ve loved them, especially a la Newton, since forever.  I had relatives who used to live in Newton, MA, for crying out loud.  Friends who had a restaurant in St. Helena years ago had a tree in their back patio, and they’d serve a fig pasta with gorgonzola that was to die for.  There’s even dried figs with jack cheese & peanuts.  Or wrapped in bacon.  OK, I’m getting hungry writing this.

What I also have always loved is the shape of the fig.  Pear-like, but smaller, and more squat.  Sexy, though. The Venus of Willendorf of fruit, if you will.  I made my annual holiday embossed card last year of figs.

embossed card100dpi.jpg

Why?  Well, around this time of year is when they ripen, and people post pix of their figs.  Here’s a selection of recent photos friends have posted of their own crops:

Fig grouping

thanks to Lisa, Cris, Barry & Sandy

These really whetted my appetite, quite literally with that green-fig cake.  The yellow ones are evidently called Tiger Figs.  I like to have the real object in front of me when I paint.  I urge my students to do the same thing.  Its a whole different perspective to have that 3-dimensional thing there to paint, to see how the light falls on it, see how it is fully shaped, and what those surface colors and textures look like up close.  I tried to find some at the local grocery stores, but could only find the small, black variety.  

So I put out a call out to local peeps on Facebook, to see if anyone would share their bounty for the sake of my making a painting or two.  I’ve got figs rolling in!  Thanks to all who responded!  Keep an eye out for the painting(s).

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