I’ve always secretly dreamed of wearing my paintings.  The idea of fun, bright, feminine designs on textiles takes me back to my childhood: my mother’s Lanz and Villager dresses, Marimekko’s bold colors and designs, and Liberty prints.  I’ve now found a way to start doing that!

In lovely, colorful, and feminine motifs, I paint these scarves by hand using permanent dye on silk.  I use habotai, crepe de chine, chiffon and pan silk.  Each scarf is signed and numbered, so you know you’ll have an unique, one-and-only scarf.

Here are a selection of my current styles.  Find more at BloomingSilks on Etsy.  To see an image larger, just click on it!

FLOWER FIELD  features cheerful fanciful, whimsical, capricious, quirky  flowers accented with leaves and stems.

Flower Fields design detail, Red/Orange/lavender/pale pink 

POPPIES features my signature Poppy design.  The first one was a single color of poppy, with a black center, on sap green stems with buds.  I’ve made many different color ways, and included other design elements as the pattern has developed. 

Poppies selections jan-14

Design details and color ways:  single color in purple, multi color in pink/yellow with black centers, single color with wave pattern, two-color with pink/orange flowers with green centers 

OLIVE BRANCHES came to me suddenly one day after signing up for a show of edible products.  Its elegant and simple, and the two colors work just right together and can be worn on just about any color blouse or jacket.
Olive Branches

Design includes olive green branches and leaves, with  sap blue/black olives.  Can be placed on many background colors.

Apples is also a result of the show with edibles.  While many flowers are edible, fruit and vegetables are worthy subjects too!  


The apples are a lovely Granny Smith green, with dark red accents of the stems and the sepals.  These would be lovely on a light lavender field too, I think.

Watermelon Wedges came to me when I was looking at a blank I’d just dyed pink, and loved the idea of the darker pink on the light pink.  It turns out it looks great on a white field too!

Watermelon design


Special orders:  your special orders  are welcome, Choose the silk and the colors you want.  Swatches are recommended.  Silk choices are habotai (aka china silk), crepe de chine, chiffon and paj.  Find more or special order a scarf at BloomingSilks on Etsy.

Each scarf is shipped Priority Mail, in a clear sleeve to protect it from the elements. Care instructions are included. 


All designs ©Jill Rosoff 2011-4.  All rights reserved.

Colors are represented online as close to the actual colors as possible.  Colors can show differently on computer screens, and may look different in real life.

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