“Nasturtium and single leaf”  ©Jill Rosoff 2011, 7″ x 10″  $65.00

I love nasturtiums.  Is it nasturtia?  Their colors are wonderfully vivid, their design is curious.  And they smell really pungeantly earthy.  A perfect ode to Earth Day.

My mother grew them along with white daisies.  They made a lovely little bouquet in a glass vase, the white daisies contrasted to the intensely colored orange, red and yellow nasturtiums.  They’re also lovely in salads, I discovered a few years ago having lunch at a winery near San Jose, CA that is sadly no longer around.  But oh was that salad a revelation.

This painting’s germination came last monthwhen one of the people in my workshops brought in this lone flower along with its companion leaf.  I used it for a model while I demonstrated blocking in colors and shapes.  Later on I took the little demo back to my painting table and fleshed it out.  And voila.  

Have a good Earth Day!

From the garden

July 18, 2009

from Jen's garden“From Jen’s Garden”  ©Jill Rosoff 2009, 7″ x 10″, sold

My sister’s garden is a treasure trove of inspirations for me.  The roses are scrumptious, the oriental poppies and sweet peas too. The seasonal flowers pop up as their times come, so the garden changes all the time.  And it seems like new ones show up each year, little surprises that I hadn’t seen before.  This was a bouquet of flowers she gave me earlier this year, roses, cosmos, and a dahlia, or maybe its a zinnia.  I couldn’t resist painting them.

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