My palette in my paintings and in my scarves is typically bright colors.  One of the six-week workshops I teach through the local junior college’s community education department is about how being strategic with color combinations can actually enliven colors.   So I find it particularly intriguing to be developing a whole set of color ways for my scarves that are in more neutral colors.  Here are two I did yesterday, pinned to the canvas-covered board while they are drying.

“Loop de Lou” design, in coffee and brown, and in grey and black.

They are pretty interesting, yes?  Now, I’m a sincere coffee devotee, so the first color way was pretty much a “duh” for me.  This one will look good with black, on white, on oranges, on light blue, on lavender, you get the idea.  The one on the right, the grey, is a nice, cool grey, and will go with everything.  Imagine it on red!  And as much as these are perfect for winter colors, they’ll be perfect accents for spring and summer colors! Imagine they grey one on red!   

Get my scarves online in my Etsy shop.

“Red Cups”, ©Jill Rosoff 2010, 4 1/2″ x 8 1/2″, $75.00

Happy new year!  After three weeks I’m back at my blog, and I have a few new small pieces that I painted right at the end of December, so keep an eye out, here they come!

Its been chilly, especially in the mornings these days, its been a very wintry winter for Southern California.  So I did this piece I wanted to make myself feel a little warmer, in my coffee cup theme and changing up the color scheme fairly radically from other coffee cup paintings I’ve got posted here (in August, September, and October 2009).

Today its bright and sunny, and warmer than it has been.  Thank goodness!

Finally, this week I launched my Facebook Business Page.  For those of you FB users, please take a look and “like” Rosoff Artworks.  Thank you!

Painting of European poppies, in progress, ©Jill Rosoff 2010

I’ve been on a bit of a painting hiatus, concentrating on the new set of notecards (see July 28th).  As a result, I have some paintings that are ‘under construction’ so that’s where I’m taking this for now.

This one of poppies, obviously a ‘true north’ subject matter for me.  This one is a little bit of a departure from my usual suspects .  I’ve concentrated mostly on the Iceland variety of poppies, the ones that show up in the spring here in So Cal, and are particularly ubiquitous at business parks in their street-side planting areas that surround the concrete signage.  People only see them when they drive into the parking lot, and as again as they drive out.  Its always seemed a little too spare a sighting for flowers so rapturously alive.  They are red, oranges, yellow, white, pink, and magenta, and all have yellow centers.

This piece has poppies that are from a little more easterly direction, the fields of coquelicot of France, the papaveri of Italy.  Take a moment, do you remember what they look like?  They are all orange/red, with black centers.  I’m operating from memory here, and photos I took too long ago.

And this painting is only part of the way done, and its the first time I’ve shown an ‘in process’ piece on this blog so far.  You can see I’ve sketched in other poppies, and have finished the center on only the first blossom.  I think there’ll be more poppies in it ultimately.   It’ll be back when its complete!

“Coffee Cups” notecards set, ©Jill Rosoff 2010, set of 12 + envelopes, $24.00 + tax, shipping

Here they are, Fresh from the printer, my new set of notecards, “COFFEE CUPS”!

I had a small thrill of opening up the boxes and looking at them for the first time just yesterday.  I’ve come down from that little high, composed myself, and now am showing them off here!

They will be regularly $24.00 (plus tax and shipping), however for a limited time, they are just $22.00/set.  This promotional rate is good through Monday, August 16th.

To order yours, please use the Leave a comment button (below), tell me how many sets you want, and I’ll be back in touch with you privately to complete your order.  And by the way, as a bonus I’m including my three other card sets, “Poppies”, “Blossoms” and “Windows” at this same special rate.

A huge thanks to everyone who participated in the selection process that chose the set!

Here they are!   The paintings that got the most votes and will now be the Coffee Cups card set are:  

#2, “Coffee for Two”; #4, “Blue Cup on Yellow Table”;  #5, “Chromatic Cups”; and # 6, “Cups and Book”

As for the two winners of the Coffee Cups Cards sets, congratulations to you both, Stacy McCullough and Caroline Leygue!

In the meantime, you can now order a set of these cards, or of any of the other three sets at the special pre-release price of $22.00 per pack (normally $24.00).  Tax and shipping will be added to the final charge.  This price is good until July 15, 2010.

You can view the other three sets of cards, “Poppies”, “Architecture” and “Blossoms“,  on my website, just go to:

How to Order? Use the Comment button below to tell me how many of which sets you want, and I’ll follow up with you to complete your orders.

My great thanks to all the 300+  of you who visited my blog during this selection process.  Wow!  And with all these visits the blog has now had over 10,000 visits!  So thank you again!

And you could receive one of this new sets of the cards for your vote!

I am about to print a new set of my notecards, and I want to hear from you.  Above are six images of my coffee cup series of paintings, with numbers below them.  You can be a part of the selection process by choosing the four you think would make the best set to reproduce as the new set of notecards.  I want your input!

How? Simply use the COMMENT link below, and send me the numbers of the images you think would make the best set of four cards.  Please just vote once!

The voting starts now, and ends at noon tomorrow, June 29, 2010.

SPECIAL PRIZE:  When the votes are tallied, the names of two of the voters who picked the final four winning images will be drawn from a hat to receive a set of the cards.

Questions? Use the Comment button below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!  And your email address remains private!

Thanks for participating!

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