Primary Pear

July 8, 2011

“Primary Pear”, ©Jill Rosoff 2011, 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″   $65.00

This painting started out with my just wanting to get the image of the pear down on paper, explore it’s shape, color and texture as best as I could using the unique qualities of watercolor.  Besides this pear was starting to spoil,  so I wanted to quickly start the painting of it before I ate it, or let it rot.  A multi-tasking fruit!

It turns out that this painting of the pear also became a study in primary colors.  And interestingly, the only place in the whole painting where those three colors interact is within the actual shape of the pear.  Intended?  not initially, but as the painting developed, that’s what came out.  You just never know!  

And the pear was delicious to boot.

“Little Green Apples” ©Jill Rosoff 2o1o, 5 1/2″ x 7  1/2″,  $75.00

Here’s a little ode to my new favorite fruit!  I just showed at the Balboa Island Art Walk on Sunday May 16th in Newport Beach, CA.  I had my new apple-green market umbrellas up for shade, and they also served as a landmark, a way for everyone who I’d invited to easily find me.  Then for a happily clever tie-in I had green apples to give away at my display.  What I couldn’t have expected was the kids who came up to me all day with big eyes asking so sweetly if they could have an apple!   It was truly fun to say ‘yes!’ and see the looks on their faces as they picked out the apple they wanted.  Their parents’ expressions were pretty great too.  Later on in the day, a fellow artist-on-display walked by my set up and literally said, “Aha!”, that he’d seen people eating green apples the whole length of the show and now he knew why.

Huge thank yous to everyone who stopped to peruse my work, and especially to the new members of my Collectors roster!   And last but not least, Welcome to those of you who will now be receiving my show and event notices via email!  Thanks!

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